La Parapharmacie
Performance Protein Berry 25 grams of complete protein, 5,000mg of BCAAs and 5,000mg of glutamine per serving
Petit pot 12 portions Natural Made from natural, whole food ingredients, Vega One is a convenient, all-in-one supplement.
PGX Daily - Granules Increases insulin sensitivity for less fat storage.
PGX Daily - Ultra Matrix Promotes healthy blood sugar levels.
PGX - Double chocolate Weight loss meal replacement.
PGX - French Vanilla Weight loss meal replacement.
PGX - Very Strawberry Weight loss meal replacement.
PGX Daily Promotes healthy weight loss and helps lower the glycemic index of meals.
PGX Daily Singles Useful for weight loss only as part of a reduced in energy plan.
R-Lipoic Acid High Dose Powerful antioxidant that protects brain and nerve cells from free radicals.
Raw Organic Plant-Based - French Vanilla Supports healthy weight management
Raw Organic Plant-Based Protein - Berrylicious Supports healthy weight management.