La Parapharmacie
Liquid iodine Assists with proper function of the thyroid gland.
Myrrh wild Commiphora myrrha (C. molmol)
Phytothyro Used in Herbal Medicine for slow metabolism, weight gain, and low energy.
Potassium Iodide To saturate and protect the thyroid gland during periods of potential exposure to radioactive iodine.
Prunus Amygdalus (Rootlets) Hypertension, arteriosclerosis.
R20 R20
R51 R51
T-roaid Helps to stabilise the thyroid
Thydracut Boosts fat burning capability, and supports the thyroid and adrenal glands. Gives neurological support during exercise. Stimulates metabolism.
Thyodyn Health of the thyroid gland.
Thyro Support Stimulates the production and release of thyroid hormones, prevents weakness and fatigue associated with thyroid dysfunction.
Thyroid Health ##### Benefits - Supports healthy thyroid gland function - Supports healthy metabolism - Antioxidant to combat oxidative stress  ##### Features - Iodine naturally sourced from bladderwrack to support thyroid health - Combines important cofactors (L-tyrosine, zinc, selenium and copper) to support the production of thyroid hormones - Ashwagandha an adaptogenic herb with anti-stress and thyroid rejuvenating properties.  - Convenient dosing of 2 capsules daily - Vegetable capsule