La Parapharmacie
GABA Promotes relaxation during times of stress, reduces anxiety, increases growth hormone levels and helps prevent insomnia.
Gaba Help with symptoms of hypertension and irritability.
Gaba Reduces stress, boosts brain metabolism, aids sex drive, reduces nervousness, improves sleep, and stabilizes mood disorders.
GABA (chewable or non-chewable capsules) Provides fast relief of nervousness and acute stress. Promotes relaxation and helps to calm nervous tension.
GABA 500 Helps to temporarily promote relaxation
Gandha 600 Supports the function of the immune system and liver. Helps with chronic stress, low energy and enhances physical endurance.
Genius kids and teens Significantly improves concentration and performance in school!
Gentian Discouraged, depressed
Ginseng Siberian 0.8% Eleutherosides Siberian Ginseng is a great immune booster and is regarded as a potent anti-stress nutrient.
Glycine - 250 vegetarian capsules Inhibitory neurotransmitter and detoxification factor.
Glycogenics B-complex supports healthy homocysteine metabolism , healthy energy levels, and a healthy stress response.