La Parapharmacie
BIO-NERVES Help relieve nervousness and is a mild sedative sleep aid
BIO-SLEEP Sleep aid and relieve nervousness
Bionic Extreme fatigue and/or chronic.
Black Cohosh Plus Relief for Menopausal Mood Changes
Blue Stop No 1 Homeopatic remedy
Blue stop No 2 Emotional control , worthlessness, irritability of menopause.
Borage Support your body with this borage tincture.
Bryophyllum 2X (Argento Cultum) - 50 ml Indicate for Nervousness and Agitation
CA-GEM – Complexe G3 Therapy through the use of buds and tender shoots of trees and shrubs
CALA-Q Plus Supports a healthy heart and a normal blood pressure.
California Poppy A mild sedative and/or sleep aid
Calm Plus Calcium Packet box plain Natural Calm Calcium is formulated to prevent a surplus of calcium and to avoid the symptoms associated with depleted levels of magnesium.