La Parapharmacie
CITROBUG Hunting Mosquito Without DEET Hunting mosquito 100% natural, no DEET. Counterpart by Health Canada. As effective as a repellent with 25% DEET.
Citrus Creamy Body Wash Invigorating, refreshing and moisturizing body care
Citrus Deodorant Refreshing and zesty natural deodorant
Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion Refreshing, hydrating care speaks directly to your senses.
Citrus Refreshing Body Oil Faded, tired skin gets revitalizing moisture with this invigorating body oil. It’s a refreshing blend that brightens and tones your skin, while your senses are jump-started by a rush of citrus-infused aroma-therapy.
Clay Mask Rose - Cattier A mask for sensitive and reactive skin. It brings essential minerals for healthy skin.
Clay Scrub with White Clay and aloe vera - Cattier A gentle scrub and scrub to clarify the complexion, cleanse and nourish the skin, whatever your skin type.
Cleavers Cream Unique combination of cleavers, burdock, celandine and other synergistic ingredients
Cranberry Seed Oil Deeply hydrates, smoothes, and tightens your skin.
Crystal Deodorant Spray Deodorant Spray, long for effective protection against odors. 100% natural composition, your skin remains healthy.
Dapis Gel Dapis relieves pain, itching & hives of insect bites.