La Parapharmacie
Perfusia-SR Sustained-release L-arginine to support heart health, nitric oxide production, and optimal blood flow.
PriMale Energy Dietary supplement consisting of minerals, plants, vitamins and enzymes - Increases energy, vitality and memory.
Prostate-Pro + Maca Support **Recommended Use:** Prostate-Pro™ + Maca Support is formulated to help reduce prostate inflammation, for improved urinary flow and enhanced libido.
Quercus Pedonculata Adrenal atrophy, impotence.
R20 R20
Rose (Otto) Extra 5% Rosa x damascena
Rosmarinus Officinalis Hepatic insufficiencies, allergies.
Saw Palmetto Supports the prostate.
SexEssentials Supports a healthy sex drive and desire, improves libido and promotes overall well being.
SEXsmart Enhancing Libido
Shiitake Immune support and vitamin B
Suma Brazilian Ginseng 520mg This wild perennial is used as an adaptogenic and antitumour, and is good for sickle cell–anemia and as a sexual stimulant.