La Parapharmacie
Heart Hawthorn Tea Fight against cardiovascular dysfunctions. Flora® mixes this age-old remedy with hibiscus and passionflower to promote well-being.
HMC Hesperidin Well-absorbed antioxidant flavonoid.
Horse Chestnut Helps treat chronic venous insufficiency and associated symptoms as well as varicose veins.
Inno-Q-Nol (100 mg) Inno-Q-Nol is an antioxidant that helps maintaining and supporting cardiovascular health.
Inno-Q-Nol (200 mg) An antioxidant that maintains and supports cardiovascular health.
Krill oil omega 3 500 mg Inno-Krill provides cardiovascular and cognitive support.
Magnesium Chelate Help the proper functioning of muscles.
Malus sylvestris, Crab Apple (buds) Contains all the attributes and vitality of the original plant
ME-GEM – Complex Phytotherapy remedies produced from sap, buds and young shoots
Mega Halibut Liver Oil Promotes healing and helps strengthen the immune system.
Mesenchyme Organotherapy homeopathic & preparation / Connective tissue health and regeneration
Nattokinase 2000FU Helps to support cardiovascular health.